• Henry Glickel and his staff have helped us immensely in locating and thoroughly evaluating qualified candidates for various positions at Cambridge Viscosity. Sales Recruiters has also been quite versatile in helping us with non-sales, technical positions with specialized skills. The entire staff at Sales Recruiters exercise great attention to detail and fast response and so we are able to maximize our recruiting effort in the shortest period. – P.K.
  • Special thanks to you for finding the proverbial diamond in the rough! You found him out of 400+ candidates and made my job far easier.Thank you for doing a great and very thorough job!!! – Robert M., Technology Client
  • Henry is at the top of his field. He knows how to find the right candidates and close the deal. He is a pragmatist and will lead his clients to the best outcome. Henry knows how to level set expectations on both sides and bring parties together in their mutual interest. Henry is sharp and will watch your money as he would his own. He is trustworthy and an excellent team member. – Arthur H., Industrial Client
  • Henry is extremely persistent, focused and hard-driving. He takes the time to understand the unique needs of the situation at hand. He is very clear minded, clarifies the goals and the strategies necessary to meet those goals for both parties so there is no ambiguity, and ensures that a clear plan is in place. Henry strives to achieve a win- win situation for everyone. Based on our specific situation, I would highly recommend Henry Glickel. – Gregory H., Inside Sales Organization
  • I am a sales manager so I am used to recognizing and appreciating people that look at the task at hand not as a job, but as a challenge to face head-on. That is a perfect description of Henry Glickel. When I first spoke to Henry about the industry in which I work he was unfamiliar with it. Within one interview Henry was able to learn enough about that industry and me that he was able to immediately line me up with ideal positions.I have never used a recruiter service in the past and honestly never saw the need for one. I have learned through my experience with Sales Recruiters how incorrect I was in that belief. Henry did more than simply find me an available position; he worked to find a position and company that matched my personal and career goals.

    Due to the professionalism and thoroughness of Henry and the team at Sales Recruiters, I would not only use his services if I were seeking a new position, but in fact I am using his services now to help recruit top talent for my current company. I am confident he will find qualified candidates for the positions we have open, accomplished, capable people who will contribute to the success of our company.

    I would recommend Henry Glickel and Sales Recruiters to anyone that could use their service, It is one of the best moves I every made for my career, and I am sure it is one of the best moves I can make for my company. Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me if you need any further information. – Paul A.

  • Henry Glickel and his recruiting firm of Sales recruiters is a client driven organization.  Both Henry and the organization take the time to thoroughly understand the clients’ needs versus client wants.  Their understanding of a client needs assist them with placements that mesh with the organization’s overall goal  resulting in minimal turnovers .  This blending or meshing of the organization’s needs result in cost savings to their clients and provides longer careers for the placements.  Henry’s management style is to seek out what your needs are and pair them with his candidate base and if he doesn’t have the right type of applicant in his data base then he will diligently seek and source the right candidate for the job.   Henry and his organization exemplify patience and perseverance when sourcing candidates.  I have worked with Henry in a volunteer capacity and the qualities that he exemplifies with his professional work is exactly the same in his volunteer work.  I would not hesitate to endorse Henry Glickel and his organization, Sales Recruiters, as a first rate recruiting firm. – Coldwell Banker Commercial-Atlantic Properties