Qualities Great Salespeople Avoid

Being a salesperson is a tough job.  Mainly due to the rejection.  It is easy to emulate the successful people, however, sometimes that isn’t enough to launch you to the top.  The most successful salespeople also avoid these three things in order to further their career.


#1 Talking too Much

Writer Brett Evans points out, “Great sales people know that it is easier to talk the way out of a deal than it is to talk the way into it.”  Always avoid talking too much.  This includes interrupting people.  Focus on developing a conversation through listening and responding.  Ask open-ended questions and then provide time for the client to be heard.  This will build trust which builds sales.  You have one mouth and two ears, use them wisely to show your sales prospect you understand where they are coming from and what they need to move forward.


#2 Wasting Prospects Time

Often a customers’ time is money.  We are all busy and guard our time.  Be prepared when you meet with a sale prospect.  This communicates that you value other people’s time.  Nothing is worse than shuffling through papers looking for information, checking your smart phone, or making a client provide information they already have given because you cannot find it.  This is unprofessional.


#3 Being Negative

Great sales people avoid negativity.  Sure we all have tough, off days.  But, salespeople shy away from negative words, actions, and attitude.  People respond better to a positive attitude.  Having a positive outlook and vocabulary affects how others interact with you.  The natural outcome is better connections with clients.


Be the best salesperson you can be.  Avoid these easy, common things and your career will be off to an excellent start!

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