3 Steps to Hiring A Quality Addition to Your Sales Team

Hiring is one of those tricky processes that a company can both overthink and also undervalue. The decision of who to bring in & add to your team is a complex one. When done correctly, productivity and morale can skyrocket. But when done without the proper attention, a bad hire can have major negative effects on both current employees and the bottom line. Salespeople are are on the front lines representing your organization out in the field, thus they are arguably some of the most important hiring decisions you’ll make. Here are 4 steps to be sure your next hire is a quality addition to your team.

  • Determine what makes a great salesperson for your company. It’s easy to assume that all salespeople have the same skills & will excel at any sales job, regardless of industry. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t true. Each industry & individual company will require different traits and experiences from their sales team. The first step in determining what makes a great salesperson for your company is to look at the standouts already on your team. Observe them and see how they work. Bring them in & ask about their background and training. You can also look outside of the company to your current customers. Find out what they love (or hate) in your current sales team and what they feel is missing. All of this will help you piece together exactly what you’re looking for in a new hire.
  • Create a clear job posting. You’ll post the opening all over the internet, from your own website to LinkedIn and industry specific job boards. Why copy and paste the same listing that you’ve been using for years? Especially with all of the new information you discovered through step 1 above! Start over & create a clear job listing that depicts exactly what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate. Instead of focusing solely on vague personality traits like many sales job descriptions, add in some specific skills and job duties like cold calling or industry specific terms that the candidate will need to be familiar with. The more specific you get in your posting, the more you’ll narrow down the field of applications and not waste time interviewing candidates that aren’t right for your company.
  • Take an active role in finding the perfect candidate. You posted the job to various internet sites plus a few print publications, so your job is done, right? Definitely not. The best candidates are used to being actively recruited by potential employers. There are many different ways to accomplish this. If you have a large team with a dedicated hiring manager, send them out to local business schools. Many have networking events for soon-to-be graduates to meet potential employers. This is a pool of eager applicants ready to hit the ground running in a new job. You should also actively recruit from companies that are similar to yours, but not direct competitors. These sales people will obviously have experience that directly relates to your industry. If you have a small team, active recruitment can take too much time away from other duties. This is where a recruitment company like Sales Recruiters can be the perfect addition for helping you find a quality new team member.

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