5 Questions Job Seekers Should Ask in an Interview

Finally being called in for an interview after weeks or months of sending out resumes can feel like a huge relief. Most people focus on putting their best foot forward by preparing to answer any question that the interviewer might ask, but interviewees should be asking questions too! You want to use this interview time to ask the right questions that not only display your interest in the job, but also determine if the company is a good fit for you. Here are 5 questions that you should ask in your next job interview:

What skills and experiences will an ideal candidate for this position have? This is a great first question to ask because it gives you an idea of where to start in talking about your past work. It lets the interviewer tell you exactly what they are looking for in an employee so that you can focus your time on the experiences you have that make you perfect for the job.

What do you like most about working here? This question achieves two things. First, it lets you find out a little more about the company to help determine if it’s a good fit for you. Second, it allows the interviewer to open up a little and gives you the chance to connect with him or her on a more personal level.

Do you offer continuing education or training opportunities? This is another question that can achieve two goals. First, it shows the interviewer that you’re a motivated worker with long-term goals. It also lets you see if the company invests in its employees and if it’s somewhere you’d want to work and grow your career.

What is the biggest problem your company is facing right now & how could I help in this position? This question allows you to get a glimpse inside the company and see what’s truly going on right now. It also shows the interviewer that you’re serious about being a committed and helpful employee.
What are the next steps? This is the most important question to close an interview with. Rather than leaving and wondering when you’ll hear something or when to follow up (& how), you’ll leave with a clear picture of what to do in the coming days and weeks. It also tells the interviewer that you are interested in moving forward in the process and ultimately still interested in the job.

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