6 Common Resume Mistakes Job Seekers Make

6 Common Resume Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Job seekers know all too well the pressures of putting together the perfect resume. That one piece of paper is usually the only chance you have to introduce yourself to a new company. We all want to make the best impression possible, so be sure to avoid these common resume mistakes.

Don’t include irrelevant experience. When it comes to selling yourself these days, less is more. Employers aren’t interested in skills & experiences that aren’t relevant to the specific job you’re applying for. While you may think that a resume full of every notable thing you’ve ever achieved would set you apart from the rest, irrelevant additions actually distract from qualities that would make you a prime candidate.

Avoid using fillers and generic phrases. While well-meaning, these fluff words like “team player” and “hard-working” do nothing to help build your case. Instead of simply listing these traits, provide specific examples of them in action. For example, instead of listing “team player” talk about a specific project that you successfully led the team on.

Leave off personal information. While this was standard practice in days gone by, it’s unnecessary and can date your resume. This includes marital status, religious preference, age, and race. These things have nothing to do with your job skills and although hiring managers aren’t supposed to allow them to be a factor, they can be more of a hindrance during the application process.

Remove unnecessary additions. While also common in the past, it’s no longer needed to include an objective statement, hobbies, or references on your resume. These additions take up valuable space that can be better used to display your qualifications for the job. If you make it to the point in the interview process where a prospective employer needs to contact your references, they’ll ask for them.

Use a professional email address. This may seem simple, but you’d be surprised how many people overlook this small detail. While “CountryCutie” may have been the perfect email address for your high school days, it’s inappropriate in a professional setting. Set up a free account using a variation of your first and/or last name on a service like gmail or yahoo for use in professional settings.

Proofread, proofread, proofread! The simplest mistake to fix is also one of the most common. We all get in a hurry and make typing mistakes, but they reflect poorly on the prospective applicant. Take the time to read over your resume to not only check for spelling mistakes but also to ensure that everything flows & will clearly convey your experiences to the reader.

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