No shocker here, worldwide in 2014, unhappy employees outnumbered happy ones by two to one.   According to Gallup, only 13% of employees worldwide are happily engaged at work.


Here’s five quick ways we here at Sales Recruiters, Inc. have found to make work a little more happy for ourselves and the hires we place:


Smile – It seems so simple, but smiling is a natural cause for releasing endorphins that increase your mood and help lift your mind to a positive perspective.  Just try it.  Smile when walking into work, smile when leaving for lunch, smile at co-workers whose names you don’t even know.  Attitudes are contagious, you have the power to reflect a positive or negative one among your work place.


Find purpose – Maybe your job is managing a team of employees which seems to hold great power and purpose in the eyes of the world, but maybe your job is stapling and filling papers away in a busy office.  Whatever your daily job task may be, find purpose in doing them.  See the bigger picture of the mundane task and how the small projects make the big mission go and goals succeeded.


Leave personal problems at home – Whether going through a divorce, happily married with five kids or trying to plan your neighborhood’s next BBQ, check it at the door of your workplace.  Being focused on work, when at work will lead to a clearer mind and happier experience.


Put the social media away – Focus on the task to complete at work by blocking out distractions that can be avoided.  Social media consumes hours of the day and often creates a false sense of identity for followers – chances are, that photo of the beach your jealous over? — It was posted by someone sitting at their desk wishing they were on vacation rather than the beach.  In essence, the grass is not always greener on the other side; likewise, someone else’s life on social media is probably not all it appears to be.  Focus on work when at work, check in on instagram during lunch or after – keep your mind focused.


Spend 10 minutes at the end of each work day to reflect – Not liking how the work week has been going? Take ten at the end of each day to evaluate your productivity, recap on goals met and plan for a better tomorrow.  Just by spending a few minutes each day reflecting you’ll feel less stressed.

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