Millions of people are on Facebook  LinkedIn and Twitter. These and other social media sites facilitate networking in a digital age  enabling up-to-the-minute contact with potential candidates. These venues encourage a more personal approach where branding can be better tailored to the appropriate demographic.  Social media sites can also be more easily updated than a corporate website with news of open positions  promotions  incentives  etcetera  making them more dynamic.

The key with social media is to find the right balance.

•    ListenPeople tend to discuss things in a very open way in the social media forum. you can learn a lot with a little review.

•    InteractIf you find a strong candidate  consider making contact through a private message. Express your interest and share a bit about the company or the position.

•    Exercise cautionKnow where to draw the line. In this day and age of once you hit send, it’s out there forever. Keep in mind that there is much that is better left for in-person discussion. If the candidate is interested, let him know that further discussion will take place face-to-face.

With over one billion users, Facebook is the largest social networking site today.  Many companies are finding ways to make use of the Facebook phenomenon and both Facebook and Twitter are becoming critical tools in the hiring process

In 2012 Facebook launched its own interactive job board that aggregates 1 7 million openings from a number of well-known job boards The site is a partnership with the U S  Department of Labor the National Association of Colleges and Employers  Direct Employers Association and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies The page enables users to search for jobs by location industry and skill, apply to them directly through Facebook, and then share the jobs to their social network  While the app initially had some kinks to work out and some users encountered their share of frustrations.  Facebook is ever evolving and this app is likely to evolve as well.

Jobs can also be posted on Facebook Marketplace or placed as an advertisement The ad enables you to target a more specific group of people by asking you a series of questions regarding the charac- teristics of people you want to see the ad   Facebook calculates how many users fit that criteria  and you can choose to pay-per-click or per-impression and determine whether you want to run the ad con- tinuously or for a certain period of time.

Your company’s own Facebook page or your public profile is another tool that enables you to share your business and product information with Facebook users  your page should be kept current and relevant and is a good place to post your latest job openings  As with every other aspect of your marketing strategy make sure you have clear goals in mind for your Facebook page and that any job postings are in keeping with those goals.

 Some things to keep in mind when maintaining your Facebook page are:

•   Post regularly, but don’t overdo it.

•   Provide content that is valuable to the user.

•   “Listen” as much as you “talk ”

Some elements you may want to consider when evaluating a candidate on Facebook:

•    Does the candidate show regard for the overlap between personal and professional forums?

•   Does the candidate take extreme positions on politics religion  etc  or does he remain non-controversial?

•   Is he a member of relevant groups relating to his field?

•   Does he update regularly?


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