Our world is plagued, both good and bad, with tweets, comments, post, hashtags and the like.  Social media has been integrated with every form of media and communication.   In many ways, it is the sole form of communication for many.

Social media is the source for updating others about our day.  Post about what’s happening in the office as well as personal lives outside of the office fill timelines and wall postings. But what is appropriate to post in relation to your job? Often times you see post about another co-workers birthday celebration as well as boring days strapped behind a computer screen counting the minutes until the end of that workday.

A few suggestions for keeping your professional appearance both in the office as well as out of the office off in cyber world.

It goes without says, if you would not say it out loud in the office, avoid posting, tweeting or mentioning it on any forms of social media.  Regardless of how quickly you post a brash comment about your boss and delete it—nothing “deleted” on the internet is a guarantee.

What you post about co-workers clearly defines your opinion of them and shows respect or disrespect.  Celebrate co-workers on social media, post about highlights rather than the failures or upsets in the office.  No matter how frustrated, avoid any negative discussion about co-workers online.

Bottom line, keep it classy! Keep it professional.  Educate yourself on what unspoken guidelines are set in the office.  Even if you do have a job where social media is accepted during the work hours, know the boundaries and how much is too much.

Apart from what some studies may show on the benefits of a “social media break” helping to relieve stress, refocus the mind after a break and the like, keep your productivity on track.  Taking a quick look at your timeline can easily distract and cause you to click, click, click onto other sites, links and videos quickly eliminating half an hour.  Keep productive, stay on task.

Preserving your social media presence and profile online is essential to maintaining a present job, or landing a new position.  Employers check social media and quickly gain and insight to who you really are- make your image a good one!

(© Babiy)

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