Recovering From Your Worst Hiring Mistakes

Hiring is a risk, yet hiring and ensuring you made the right hire is a larger risk that does not always work out the way you planned.  There are horror stories of hiring employees who are lazy, steal, lie and the like.  It’s risky to hire someone you know little about or sometimes even know personally before hiring.

If you’ve had a previous hiring flop it’s not too late to recover and hire right.

Seek out assistance in your hiring. 

We previously wrote about the myths of using a staffing service and why one could benefit you.  Despite the common belief, using a staffing service to recruit and interview candidates will save you time and money.  A staffing service can interview and discover which candidates are truly qualified as well as who would be the best fit for your company.

Know your office culture. 

Hiring is far more than just finding qualified candidates who can “do the job”.  Each office has culture and character.  Knowing your office and what styles of people work well together leads to hiring right.  Creating a culture of employees who are fun and work well cultivates an environment that naturally encourages hard work and success.

What type of office culture fits your company? Do employees work solo and avoid any outside distractions during the workday ensuring to complete everything in the office?  Or do you have employees who gain energy and motivation from gathering and laughing at that days hottest YouTube video and don’t mind putting in a few extra hours at home during the workweek to accomplish what’s needed.  Discover how your employees are catalyst to success and hire others who will be likeminded and succeed similarly.

Wait for the right fit.

Sounds simple, but when it’s crunch time and hires need to be made, sometimes the correct talent is just notthere so the wrong candidate is hired out of desperation.  Searching for hires can take time and it is essential to avoid just hiring “what comes along” because you need the help immediately.   Ultimately more time will be spent hiring the wrong employee and later searching again for another new employee.

Finally, be sure and read over our advice on how to keep a new hire starting with preparing and training them for success with their new job on the first day.  Equipping each employee is essential for success and will lead to proving you recovered from your worst hiring mistake and hired right!


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