Preparing For An Interview

Landing an interview is a greatest first step in receiving a job offer.  But, that’s only the beginning.  It’s time to prepare for the interview to ensure your best!

For starters in prepping for an interview, Research the company, people recruiting, hiring, etc. Know the companies history and recent accomplishments.  Take time to read the companies website as well as do a google search to view the latest news.

Use Linked in and other social media outlets to discover more insight on the company as well as the history of the interviewer.

Likewise, know current issues happening in the industry.  Take time and subscribe to industry specific magazines, blogs, etc.  Know what is happening outside and around the world in direct relation to that companies industry and goals.

Be sure and tap into your contacts.  Do you know someone working at the company? Know someone who previously worked for the company that left on good terms? Connect with them and ask for any help or additional resources that can guide you.

Plan ahead for the actual interview discussion by having questions for the interviewer about the position to better equip you to accept or decline a job offer by knowing what exactly is entailed.  Asking questions shows you are interested and serious about the position.

Simply, treat the interview as a professional conversation.  Give examples of past work experiences that showcase how you would respond during this position.  Prior to the interview, think through a few stories and examples that could apply to standard interview questions.

Have all the materials needed with you – resume copies (printed on professional resume stock paper), unofficial transcript, pen, paper, etc.

Lastly, pick out your outfit, press it and get to bed early.  Nothing will prepare you better than being well rested and mentally prepared for the interview.

Put your best foot forward and have confidence that you have prepared well and are ready for the interview.


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