I need Salespeople! Now what?

Your sales team is at capacity? You’ve stretched everyone to their limits and can’t pinch another ounce of production out of them?…. then it might be time ot hire additional sales people. Likewise, you might want to consider evaluating if production could increase by hiring additional salespeople to give others the ability to focus, rather than the “cover all”.  You might find that goals are exceeded and business expands by freeing up the time of your salespeople to build stronger relationships with customers who in the end will push your numbers even higher.

Whatever it is, when you need salespeople, we know a lot about just that. You can start with a few simple brainstorming sessions to determine your true needs and wants for your future hires-

Identify Roles Needed: What will this person focus their energy and efforts towards? What are the objectives of this position you are hiring for?? Determine specifics of what is needed to exceed your sales goals or begin reaching them.

Dream Up an Ideal Candidate: What’s your perfect hire life? Describe—him or her? Over 40 or new grad? Experienced? Work ethic? Attitude? Outline your ideal candidate and know what you’re looking for.

Review Budgets and Compensation Plans: What can you afford to pay? What will this include and what is negotiable? Based on your pay scale you will be able to better identify the candidate you can hire.

Contact a Recruiting Agency: Find professionals like Sales Recruiters, Inc. who have decades of experience placing the right candidates at positions which last. Know what you need and want- express that to your sales recruiter and work closely to ensure they have partnered with you and deliver results you are happy with.

Sales recruiters can work with you through all aspects of the hiring process. From locating, to attracting, to hiring a sales recruiter can help you measure the core competencies of the candidates you are considering for your needs all while saving your organization time and costs throughout the hiring process.

Sales Recruiters, Inc. represents the strongest talent in a number of verticals. Our years of experience has given us the ability to stay ahead of our competition through knowledge and adaptability. We are proud of the fact that corporations and candidates alike have stayed with us to fulfill their most demanding needs. We take pride in what we do and it shows. All of our associates are certified and continue to educate themselves throughout the year. That is precisely why we have been able to perfect our methodology and continue to do so with every fluctuation in the job marketplace.


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