Common Staffing Myths

Myth: You can’t hire top employees through a staffing firm.

Fact: Staffing firms conduct extensive interviews, background checks and research on each candidate ensuring to present you with only the top qualified hiring options.  Staffing recruiters and professionals are experts at interviewing candidates and have seen a variety of talent and can quickly identify the top talent from their experience.

Myth: Staffing services only provide temp workers.

Fact: Staffing services today cater to your business hiring needs.  Temp, direct or executive hires, there are staffing services to fill your needs no matter the length you will need an employee.

Myth: Staffing services are too expensive.

Fact: If you only focus solely on bill rates and placement fees you may think staffing services are far more expensive.  In reality,  you can actually save money by not spending your own time and efforts on recruiting, interviewing and hiring.  Hiring takes a lot of time from start to finish- is it really worth your time being spent?

Myth: Staffing services only hire entry level jobs.

Fact: Some staffing services may only recruit for entry level jobs, but we hire all levels of talent, from entry level to executives.  No matter the level of experience needed or the skills required, we quickly can find the talent you need.

Perhaps if you compare the myths verses the facts, you’ll see it’s definitely worthwhile to consider taking advantage of this job search channel.  If you’ve passed on recruiters and staffing services based on others terrible experiences- we’d suggest reading over our staffing service referrals blog posted a few weeks back on how to ensure you use a great staffing service.

Not all staffing services will fit your needs- find the one that can cater to bring excellent results and provide the employees you need.


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